9 first prizes in International Competitions from 2005 onwards.

4th generation company

NanosFireworks is in business for almost 100 years.


We organize fireworks shows in Athens as well as all over Greece in affordable prices.

Fireworks in Athens and all over Greece by NanosFireworks

We organize fireworks shows throughout Greece and Athens with the experienced and skilled NanosFireworks staff.

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An unforgettable experience on the most important day of our lives that we will always remember!!! A thank you to all the staff. Professionals with patience and persistence. Ioannis & Penelope

Yiannis Renti Private customer

They are tops; the best in Greece!

Andreas Bakatselos Private customer

The Greek team “Nanos Fireworks” won the audience award and the second place in the overall ranking, in the 2018 Rostec International Fireworks Competition.

2018 Rostec International Fireworks Competition NewsPaper Article

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Years of experience

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